Battlefield 3 and Plant vs Zombies is now free for PC and Mac [Limited Time]

Battlefield 3  and Plant vs Zombies is available for FREE to for limited time on Origin. You can grab $19.99 worth of Battlefield 3 Standard edition and Plant vs Zombies absolutely for free through Origin.

Battlefield 3 and Plant vs Zombies is free


There are two games that are free as a part of Origin’s On The House program, on Electronic Arts games listing you can get Battlefield 3 until 3 June (for PC) and Plant vs Zombies (for PC, Mac) for free until 16 June as well.

Personal I do like Plant vs Zombies instead of Battlefield 3 because never played :), but you know its worth $19.9, so don’t kept the secret go tell your friends as well, use the social Facebook, Twitter,… buttons.

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