How to Follow FIFA World Cup 2014 Updates on iPhone, iPad or Android Devices

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is already kicking off in Brazil and there is an all time high enthusiasm among the fans the world over to watch this international Foot Ball event live. However, they need not travel all the way to Brazil. They can very well enjoy viewing the matches live at home or from anywhere they are either through their TVs or through their PCs or Mobiles. Those who were watching the TV, various news websites and the social media might have come across with the various apps across iOS and Android to access the FIFA World Cup 2014 excitement round-the-clock.

The users of Google Now both on iOS and Android can easily track their favorite team. As a result of updating of the Google for iOS app, when the game is unfolded real time score updates are provided in the form of cards. The users are not put to the task of updating their devices. They can add the teams on iOS as well as Android just by scrolling down the Google Now and tapping the ‘magic wand’ button. Then it will be as simple as signing in to Google and turning on Google Now and swipe to see the cards.

FIFA 2014 Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android



The FIFA Official app

The FIFA official app is available as a free download on Android and iOS. The users can choose any one of the 64 matches from the “Global Stadium”, view the same live and also get news updates, highlights and exclusive interviews. This app offers the users the exclusive content from the FIFA World Cup 2014 series.

espn fc

ESPN FC Soccer app

ESPN offers a single app that provides a comprehensive coverage of the entire FIFA World Cup 2014 carnival. The reports and coverage are provided by not only the ESPN staff, but also by football experts the world over. This single app provides news updates, reviews, features, interviews and exclusive videos. This app is available for free download in iOS and Android.


Forza Football app

The Forza Soccer/Football app for FIFA World Cup 2014 is quite different from all other apps. In addition to providing the updates of the match a forum is there for the fans for making opinions and to participate in polls. This app offers a lot of extra fun and enjoyment. After every game of the tournament, the user gets the opportunity to rate the performance of a player as well as the team and assess different players and teams. This app is available for free download on iOS and Android.


BBC Sport app

The BBC Sport app for iOS and Android offers live coverage of all the 31 matches of the FIFA World Cup 2014, in which BBC has the broadcasting rights. In addition to the highlights and the custom alerts this app has another amazing feature that is powered by the World Cup Breakfast. Through this program the users can enjoy offline viewing of the games played in the previous night.


Univision Deportes live streaming app

Those who are searching for an app that can provide a continuous streaming of all the World Cup events can download the Univision Deportes 24 x 7 live streaming apps on their iOS device or Android device free of charges. In addition to the live stream of every game of the FIFA World Cup 2014, this app enables rewinding of the live stream. Though the app is designed in Spanish, fans from other countries also can use this app with the help of Google Translate.


Liv Sports app

Liv Sports app is the official app from Sony LIV, who has the rights to broadcast FIFA World Cup 2014. This app is available for free download on both Android | iOS platforms. After installing the app in the mobile, one has to create a log in profile for making use of the app. Those who want to enjoy the entire FIFA World Cup 2014 tournament on their Smartphone can purchase the FIFA 2014 viewing pack for just Rs.120. In order to catch the matches of the most favorite team only, one can get the app for RS.60.

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