How to Find Windows or Office Product key

A product key is a license of a product that you buy, it’s a proof of that the copy of software is purchased from company or a pirate version. It’s a combination of 25 random lower, upper, letters and number. It’s a unique method that software detect your copy of software is legal or not. You also have to provide your product key to companies for customer support. If you don’t have your product key than you cannot install or get customer support from company. Almost all Microsoft products required a product key for installation.

If you lost your product key and you want to reinstall your product on existing OS or to another computer than you must have your product key to move farther, if you don’t than you cannot install your product. Now let’s get start to find the Product Key

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Find Product key from label

If you bought retail copy in a box then first, try to find your product key on your CD/DVD box. The key divided into 5 groups with dashes like XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX.

If you bought a computer with installed windows then look your product on a colorful sticker placed by manufacturer on your computer.


Find key from installed Windows

You can also get your product key from installed Windows or Office using a software called “Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder”. This great tool will scan your computer and get you Windows or Office keys. It’s a freeware software and also a premium with more features like recover keys from Adobe CS2 to CS6, Portable version, scan networks and save files to more extensions.

Instructions to find key

  • Google it and Download Magical Jelly Bean, install on Windows and launch it.
  • It will scan your computer and list-up all the application that are installed on your computer. Now select any one from the given list to find the product key.

In some cases you have to contact Microsoft, If you still have problem finding Windows key then try to contact Microsoft.

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