Official T-Mobile App to Unlock Devices

As we all know that Smartphone unlocking has finally legalized after president Obama signed bill into Law last week. As the unlocking is legal now more and more smartphone users are looking to get their smartphone unlocked, As a result people are looking up for some reliable source to get unlocking services. There are many services unlocking permanent factory unlocks but  we come up with something that you can now unlock your smartphone by using a simple app. Yes folks an app will now unlock your smartphone.

An App introduced by T-Mobile now lets you unlock your smartphone, T-Mobile one of the major cellular carrier of United States has taken step and started Mass unlocking program with the help of an App. The App is named as “Device Unlock” and is available to download at Google’s Play Store and is free you don’t have to spend a penny. But wait before you get over excited, there’s a catch.

tmobile unlock device app1  tmobile unlock device app2

At the moment the App only unlocks a mid-range Samsung device Galaxy Avant, After you have downloaded and installed “Device Unlock” successfully there are two options prompted i.e. Permanent Unlock which means you want to request a permanent unlock for your device to use it with different network and then lies a Temporary unlock which means you are traveling to some other region and need to get your device unlocked for a specific time while you are outside U.S to use it with a different carrier.


There is no specified reason why support for other devices has not been added to the “Device Unlocking” App. For now only T-Mobile’s Galaxy Avant is supported by “Device Unlocking” App but there is no news regarding addition of support for other devices but T-Mobile for sure will add support for other Devices soon. At the moment T-Mobile “Device Unlock” app might be useless for most of you those who don’t own the only supported device. Nothing is to be heard from T-Mobile about iPhone unlocking yet. Let’s see what T-Mobile comes up with next and how long have we to wait for other carriers to offer unlocking services.

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