How to Always Run Command Prompt with Admin Privilege

When opening Windows Command Prompt, then you have to select run cmd normal or with Administrator Privileges. Some commands required Administrator Privileges to properly execute, command like adding or deleting user on command line. So instead of It’s not a hard work, you can do it easily if you follow the steps mention below.

Always Run Command Prompt with Admin Privilege

Here we first create a shortcut of command prompt on Desktop either we are on Windows 8 or Windows 7 process for both guided below and then modify properties for the shortcut. Let’s see how to do that.

Windows 8:

Search cmd, right-click on it and select open file location.


Now right-click on Command Prompt, Select Send to and choose Desktop (Create Shortcut).


Windows 7:

Click on start menu, then search cmd, a command prompt will appears, now right-click on it and choose Desktop (Create Shortcut) from Send To option.


Now after creating Shortcut right-click on it, select Properties.


Select the Advanced button after opening properties.


A pop-up will appears, now tick the option “Run as Administrator”.


You can add this shortcut in Start, Taskbar and now whenever you open Command Prompt using that shortcut, it will always run with administrator Privileges. If you have any question please reply below in comments.

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