How to Find Lost Android Phone or Tablet

If your android smartphone or tablet is misplaced in home or in office or if it’s stolen. Then you don’t have worry, there is a method to find your android smartphone location, you can ring your smartphone even if it’s on silent mode and you can also wipe your all data but you have to activate Android Device Manger on your phone or tablet.

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Set up Android Device Manager

From Google play store install Android Device Manger and you have to activate it from your device. After installing it run Android Device Manger app and go to Settings > Security > Device Administrator > Android Device Manger tap on it. Your Android Device Manger is now activated. Now in future if you lost you device then see below the steps to find your lost or stolen Android device.


Steps to Find your Android Device

Finding lost or stolen device is easy with the help of Google’s Device Manager. In-case you misplaced of lost you device you can follow the following steps to locate your device location or you can even Ring it , Lock it or Erase it.

To find out where is your android device right now. Open Google store by following this link here.

Now, here you can find a gear icon on top right side of the page. Click on it and select Android Device Manger.

After that you will be redirected to your country map page and it will be automatically connected to your device.

Now you can use three options along with location.

Ring (it will ring your android device even on silent mode).
Lock (with this option you can change your device password).
Erase (using this option you can wipe your all data from your device).


So setup Android device manager app before you lost you device, follow the above instructions and also recommend it to your friends list.

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