How to Disable Access to Windows Registry [regedit.exe]

Windows Registry is a Windows database that contains information about installed software on your computer, system hardware, every user account profiles and setting. Users can make changes by hacking the Windows registry files, but if users don’t know how Windows registry works and made any wrong changes will corrupt your software or Windows. For security purpose we can disable Windows Registry Access so user can’t access the regedit.exe file.

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Disable Windows Registry Access

Make sure you have back it up. so after doing something wrong we can fix it using backup file. To disable access to Windows registry regedit we need to modify some group policy settings.

Press Windows+R keys from keyboard and type gpedit.msc and hit the enter key to open Windows Group Policy editor or in Windows 8 users can hit the Windows key and type to search gpedit.msc. In Windows 7 type gpedit.msc after clicking on Start.


Now expand the folder path and go to System > User Configuration, then Administrative Templates.

Open Prevent access to registry editing tool.


Select Enabled and click apply. Close Local Group Policy.


Whenever a user try to open registry from run command or from direct access to regedit.exe file, the below error will appears.


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