How to Answer or Dial iPhone Calls from iPad

Is your iPhone on a Dock for charging and you are using iPad or Mac? Meantime you want to make or answer a call? Well, with a new iOS 8 installed on iPhone you can answer or make calls directly from your iPad running iOS 8 or Mac runnings OS X 10.10. To make and answer iPhone calls from iPad or Mac computer you have to check few things.


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  • Your iPhone, iPad must running iOS 8 or Macintosh computer with installed OS X 10.10 on it. Is your iPhone, iPad compatible with iOS 8.
  • iPhone, iPad or Mac must be connected to same WiFi connection and must use same Apple ID.
  • To verify same Apple ID is connected on both devices, goto Settings > iCloud and verify the same Apple ID on iPhone and iPad.
  • Here in device settings Tap on FaceTime and enable the iPhone Cellular Calls option on iPhone and also check the option iPhone Mobile Calls enabled on iPad.

How to make calls from iPad

once you completed all the above requirements, now you will answer calls directly on iOS 8 devices or OS X 10.10 Yosemite installed Mac that are using the same WiFi and Apple ID. To make a call on iPad through iPhone tap on the number from Contacts or Safari or Calendar app and you will see calling screen on iPad some standard buttons.

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