How to Delete iPhone or iPad Pictures Permanently

In iOS 8 when you delete some pictures or videos from your iPhone to get some storage space, actually its not deleting form your iPhone, its still exist and taking up space. Actually when you delete pictures in iOS 8 from any album its transferred to another album named “recently deleted”. This feature of iOS 8 is handy to recover accidentally deleted pictures from iPhone, iPad, of iPod Touch, but if you need to make some space on your device then you have to delete if from that “recently deleted” album. Lets see how to delete pictures or videos from iPhone permanently to make some storage space.

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Delete Pictures from iPhone or iPad Permanently

Run Photos app on your iPhone and tap the Album icon right-bottom corner.


Here, you will see list of all photos album. Open the “Recently Deleted” album.


Here you will see list of all pictures and videos that you have deleted already. All pictures and videos in the “Recently Deleted” album will be deleted automatically after specific number of days that showing on each thumbnail. But you can delete all right now to get some storage.

Tap the “Select” button on the top-right corner.

To delete all pictures hit the “Delete All” button at the bottom of the screen.


That’s all you have done.

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