Run Windows Apps in any Browser

When you work on a computer with limited access or PC that sets limits on you and at that moment you can’t find any solution, there comes a portable virtualized computer application that runs on your any Windows browser.

Cameyo is website that offers many popular Windows applications, you can run any application from Cameyo website and you don’t have download anything or install a virtual machine to run applications. You will find educational, browsers, players and editors kinds of applications and if you can’t find any application, you can add it to Cameyo library. The great thing about Cameyo is it can’t access your computer files, it runs application of Cameyo virtual machine online.


Every app has version, size and date uploaded. To run app simply click on it and click on play button.


For normal usage your don’t need Cameyo account to use these online Windows apps. If you want to run your files on any Cameyo application, then you have to create an account on Cameyo and linked your Dropbox account with it.

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Maria moritona July 29, 2018, 6:53 pm

hi y try this but it is too slow and not good for enterprise we prefer for the simple usage and fast access in security in our office

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