How to Use Facebook Messenger in Browser without Apps or Ext.

Facebook is very popular in social media and almost everybody use Facebook to update status, chatting with friends or family etc. There are plenty of application available that supported to run Messenger features but Facebook officially released it and you can enjoy all Facebook features in your browser. Features like chat with friend, group chat, sending receiving media files and you can also make calls using this online right in your Browser on PC of Mac. You just need to sign in with your existing account and start chatting with your friends.

Use Facebook Messenger in Browser

We already posted a guide to use Whatsapp on your computer and now let’s see how to use Facebook Messenger in browser.

  • Simply open com and sign in using your current account or create new one. If you already loggedin in the browser with Facebook username and password then you don’t have to login again. Just click at “Continues as button…” or click at Switch account to login using different account. Once you logged in you will see Facebook Messenger interface right in the browser.
    facebook messenger in browser
  • To make a voice or video call use the phone and camera icon available in the top-right corner.
  • There is an option to view alerts and notifications, enable Desktop Notification by clicking on Settings icon at top-left corner and select Settings. In the setting windows tick the option “Turn on desktop notification”.
  • To turn the notification sound off, just click on the Settings icon top-left corner and uncheck the Sound option in the settings window.
  • To mute notification from a specific messenger user, click the info icon in the top-right corner and check the option “Mute notifications”. On the next window select the time to mute conversation for. Doing this, you will bot receive notifications form this user.
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