OS X EL Capitan Compatible Mac Hardware or Upgrade Requirements

I can run the latest OS X El Capitan 10.11 version on my 8 years old Macbook, that sounds great. Is your Macbook or iMac compatible with latest OS X 10.11? Simply, If you know that you have 64-bit CPU in your Mac or your Mac can run OS X Yosemite, Mavericks or Loin then its means your computer is compatible with OS X El Capitan. Complete list of compatible iMac and Macbooks are given below.

The new OS X is more faster, fluid and responsive that gives an edge to supported old Mac to run apps in the OS X El Capitan faster. Apple gently taken care of speed and performance, now you can open PDF files 4X faster, App launch 1.4x faster and app switching is 2x faster.

OS X EL Capitan Compatible Mac List

Following iMac and Macbooks can run OS X El Capitan which is very much similar to

  • MacBook Aluminium 13 inch, late 2008 or newest
  • MacBook Pro 13 inch, mid 2009 or newest
  • MacBook Pro 15 inch , mid 2007 or newest
  • MacBook Pro 17 inch, late 2007 or newest
  • Macbook Air, late 2008 or newest
  • Mac Mini, early 2009 or newest
  • Mac Pro, early 2008 or newest
  • iMac, mid 2007 or newest
  • Xserve, early 2009

Some features of new OS X may not work on your computer if they need specific hardware on your Machine. You can find your own Mac model and year from  Apple menu > About this Mac > Overview. Here, under the OS X name and verstion your will see all the computer model and hardware related information like Process, Memory, Graphics and more.

Mac model and specs

If you are thinking to upgrade your Mac to latest OS X version then take backup of data on Mac first. OS X EL Capitan final version will be available to everyone this fall and because OS X EL Capitan is in beta stage right now you should try to install with existing OS X means dual boot it.

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