How to Create and Restore Windows 10 System Image Backup

Using system image backup option in Windows 10 you can easily create complete system image backup. Windows backup tool using system recover image file is of them. It’s not new feature because it was available in previous version of Windows except Windows 8. There are a lot of feature related to backup and restore Windows 10 like File history, Backup and restore, OneDrive, Reset this PC, System Image Backup and Advanced Startup Options.

System Image Backup and Restore

This feature was hid in Windows 8 by Microsoft but you can use this in Windows 8.1 and 10. This features is used to create a backup image file that can be used to restore your computer if your system stops working. You can backup everything that you select during backup wizard including system file that requires to run Windows, Settings, Desktop and programs, can also include additional drives. This method compressed everything selected into one compressed but large file of course.



  • Complete solution to backup full Windows, Settings, and can include other drives. Also restore that backup while having windows errors or system failed.
  • Can browse and extract individual files or folders from backup image file.


  • Can’t choose and restore selected items from backup image. This will restore the system to the state when backup was taken.

We recommend you to create an image backup file of your Windows 10, frequently in a year and save it to an external hard drive, so you can restore your Windows and other data with latest content when system crashed.

How to Create System Image Backup in Windows 10

  1. First plug your external hard drive, make sure your hard drive have enough free space that can hold backup.
  2. Hit Windows+S keys to open search, type File History and select “Restore your files with file history” from search results. You can also find it in Windows control panel.
    restore with file history windows
  3. Click configure file history settings link if file history is currently turned off. Select “System Image Backup” option available bottom-left corner.
    backup system image
  4. Now, click on “Create a system image on top-left corner.
    create a system image windows
  5. In the next window select the location where you want to save backup, choose your external drive and click Next.
    save windows backup image
  6. Here, system drives or files are already selected by default. You can also select your other drives as well.
    include drives in backup
  7. Confirm your backup setting and click start backup. It will take some time. Just sit back and relax. You can also you computer while backup.
    create complete windows backup

How to Restore Image Backup

When you feel your Windows getting slow down, bug issue, corrupt or any other issue and you want to restore your Windows to its original state, then you can restore your Windows using System image file. To do this simply follows the steps below.

Restoring Image when Windows working fine

  1. First open recovery option using this path Start > Settings > Update & Security and select Recovery.
  2. Here select Restart Now and follow the instruction.
    windows recovery

Restore system image when windows not loading

If your Windows isn’t loading and you need to restore your computer from backup image then you need to boot you computer from a bootable Windows Disc or USB drive. During Windows setup you need to choose “Repair your computer”, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > System Image Recovery.

If you have any question related to taking backup and restoring Windows then please reply below in comments.

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