How to Find Best Non-Gaming Apps from Google Play Store

It is very hard to find non gaming trending top chart apps from Google Play Store that might find very useful on your Android device when you are not interested in gaming apps. You can view apps in top charts page along with games and you can’t filter it to view only non-gaming apps, To find apps other than games you have to do some serious search to find out new and trendy apps.

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Find Best Non-Gaming Apps Play Store

So there is no other way to omit the games from top chart pages unless you visits manually all the categories one by one but you can use this easy workaround to find out the Top and trendy Apps excluding games.

  1. First thing is install an app from Google Play Store Apps – Play Store Link. This is best app when you are not looking for games. This apps is just like another Play Store and filter apps by their types “Apps Only” category so you can easily filter and find top Apps.
    view apps only play store
  2. Just launch the installed app and you will see a new view of Google Play Store with non-gaming apps. To go back to original Google Play Store, simply close this app and open Play Store.
    top apps only play store

    Apps: Showing apps only

    play store apps

    Play Store: apps and games mix no filter

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