How to Install Android Apps That Aren’t Available In Your Country’s Play Store

Some apps that initially released are only available in specific country’s Play Stores due to policy issues or something else. But you may want to download and install apps that isn’t available in your country. Downloading APK file from different online website is very popular method to access games or apps that are restricted on specific country or region. This method is very easy but risky too because these files are unofficial and can be modified and injected malwares by Hacker and user also have to install update manually by repeating same steps.

But there is a safer way to download game and apps officially from Google Play Store if we trick them by showing you are in a different country or region.

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Install Android Apps That Aren’t Available In Your Country

Note: We are sharing this method just for purpose of testing apps that aren’t available yet in your region.

When you try to search an app in Play Store that aren’t available in your country, you will not get any result of got a message this app isn’t available for your.

  1. So if you want to use different country’s Play Store, you need a VPN connection. Download and install any free VPN app from Play Store. In my case I’m using ‘SuperVPN Free VPN Client’.
  2. After installing launch SuperVPN and activated it by tab on ‘Connect’ button.
  3. You have successfully changed your location but that’s on it. We have to clear the impervious data that is stored inside Google Play Store app. To clear data navigate to ‘Settings > App Manager > Google Play Store’ and then tab on ‘Clear Data’.
  4. Now tap OK to complete the process. (Don’t have to worry about your Google account and downloaded apps, all are safe.)
  5. All done, just open Play Store and search blocked app that you want to download and enjoy.
    Now you can discount VPV and you app will update automatically without VPN.
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