iOS 10 Multilingual Typing Without Having To Switch Between Keyboards

Multilingual typing is easy in iOS 10, writing text in multiple languages is very hard to do in iOS 9. We need to do this by clicking on world icon then going back and forth from English to any other language. This is very annoying part to do. In iOS 9 the only way to change or switch the language is to select the same way we choose emoji manually. Before iOS 10 update user can only write in one language at a time, if they want to write the same message in other languages then they should choose another language.

But now Apply make this very easy for iPhone users in iOS 10. The new Apple iOS 10 update solve this problem. Which allow their users to write text in two languages at the same time without switching back and forth. iOS 10 keyboard allows to write in two languages and Siri can recognize the word is in English, Spanish or any other language and also corrector is coupled to the language in use.

Also, see Apple iOS 10 new features.

There are many kinds of people and cultures on which people made conversations in different languages. Like there are some who might want to type in Chinese and English, Korean and English, Japanese’s and English. This is very helpful for users who speak two languages regularly, like in the US where most of the people speak Spanish in Spain.

To make this feature, you must have to desire language enabled in iOS 10 new Dictionary menu under Settings > General > Keyboard and add the right keyboard.


Once you are done this App Quick type should both accept multiple languages and suggest you the appropriate word as a suggestion.

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Marcio February 21, 2018, 9:47 pm

It doesn’t work… I’m used to write in Portuguese, English and Italian in my Android phone without issues, my company gaves me an iphone and here, it seems impossible, I tried to install the GBoard, that is Android has this feature, but unfortunately on iphone it doesn’t, when I read you text I’ve believed my problem was solved, but no… :-\
Can you details the procedures to make it work?

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