How to Sign-out from Windows 10 or 8 Different Ways

If you are new to Windows 8 or 10, or just upgrading from Windows 7 to new version, then the simple Sign out option of your account is hidden. Some features are hidden in Windows 8 and 10 like Sign out from your account but this doesn’t mean you can’t use them. You can still Sign out using many different ways.

Sing out from Windows 10 and 8

Start menu is bit different in windows 8 and 10.  No sign out option is available in power option on start menu. Sign out is also called log off. You can access Sign out option by clicking on your user account name at the top of the start menu.

Sign-out option Windows 10 and 8

Sign out using ctrl+alt+del

This is the shortcut to bring up the security screen window with some option, simple click on Sign out. You can check below what these option can do.

  • Lock (this will lock your current account without closing any program)
  • Switch user (if you have more than one user account then this option will allows you to switch to another account without closing any program from current account)
  • Sign out (this option will just sign out from the current logged in account after closing running programs)
  • Task Manager (this will brings up the task manger)
Task Manager Sign out option

Sign Out using alt+f4

Simply close all the explorers, programs or minimize them if you selected or this shortcut will close the current opened explorer window or program. When you press these three buttons at the same time windows shout down window will show, then select Sign out from the drop down menu.

Sign out from shut down window

Sign out using power user menu

Power user menu introduced in windows 8 and still present in window 10. This menu have lots of feature including some new feature. To access this menu simply right click on start menu button or you can also windows+X as a shortcut to bring up power user menu. Now hover over the mouse on Shut down or sign out and then select sign out.

sign out option in power user menu

You just read multiple ways to sign out from Windows 10 or 8, If you do know any other method for signing out please share with us and we add to our list, Thanks.

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