Google Officially Launched Google Allo for iOS and Android

Wait is over now, Google released its second new Google Allo messaging app, and it’s already hits five million download in Google play store. The first app was Google Duo.

Everybody rely on messaging to stay connected with their families or friends. But sometime we pause ogoon our conversations, whether to look up that a new restaurant nearby you or to check the status of your flight. So for these kinds of things Google created this app named Google Allo, which will helps you to keep your conversation by providing you assistance whenever you need in your conversation.

Google Allo for iOS and Android


Google Allo messaging app is for both iOS and Android users. The more you use this app the more it improve over time, you can express yourself more easily, find information, make plane, doodles, and HUGE emojis, text and more.

Allo has many unique features like Say it privately in Incognito mode, Chat one-on-one with your Google Assistant, whenever you need it, Get help from your Google Assistant without leaving the conversation, Say it all with the perfect sticker, Turn any photo into a work of art, Shout, or whisper it, to get your point across and Respond without typing, in your style.


Check all the Google Allo features in details.

This app is freely available on Google Playstore and also on Apple App store, this app is new in market so you have convince your friend to install. There is signup required since the app will works with your mobile number.

Download and Install Google Allo on Android or iOS

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