How to Save YouTube Videos Offline iPhone or Android

Google now introduced a new feature in YouTube app that lets you to save your favorite YouTube videos offline. This features allows you to download any YouTube video while you are playing and watching it. Offline saved videos can be watched later when internet connection is not available. This feature is available to both YouTube apps for iOS and Android, YouTube official app capable to play offline videos that you downloaded.

All the videos cannot be saved offline. It depends on the content; videos that are copyrighted or uploaded by official Vevo page of any artist cannot be saved offline. YouTube prohibits downloading its videos offline but that applies to saving the video to your devices storage.


Save YouTube Videos Offline iPhone or Android

  1. First open YouTube app and search the video that you want to download.
  2. Play the video and while your playing you will notice a new download button on the right side of like and dislike thumbs. Click on it to save the video to watch it offline later.
    How to Save video Offline in YouTube App
    If you find the download button is in light gray color with cross line then the video is not available for offline downloading.
    How to Save video Offline in YouTube App
  3. When you click on download button it will ask to select the quality of video that you want to download it in. all the available qualities will be listed, select the quality and tap on ok button.
    How to Save video Offline in YouTube App
  4. That’s it your videos is downloading, YouTube app will notify you that your video is now downloading by a banner at the bottom of the app and also look closely a blue circle around the download button which indicates that your video is downloading in your device storage and will be available offline.
    How to Save video Offline in YouTube App
  5. To find offline videos in YouTube app, navigate to user tab and tap on offline videos. There you will find out all the offline videos that you saved.
    How to Save video Offline in YouTube App

Note: Offline videos can be watched only in YouTube apps.

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