The 10 Best iOS 11 Features for iPhone

Apple has finally released their iOS 11 for the developers and soon it will be available for the official iOS users. Apple has presented iOS 11 and its best features in their final WWDC 2017 keynote. While we all know that iOS 11 is not available to users till Fall 2017, what we can do is to give you information about what’s coming in the iOS 11. Beta version for Developer is available now and we can get more information from.  But, you can install iOS 11 public beta later this month and for this you have to join Apple public beta program.  It is believed that iOS 11 is worth update for iPad but that doesn’t mean that there’s will be no useful update for iPhones. Indeed, features are always get updates. So, here a list of 10 best features that we will see in the iOS 11.

1. Redesigned Control Center (Make it your own)

It looks like Apple has got customers’ attention and finally, they have thought about giving a redesigned look for Control Center. Based on its first-look, it amazed many people and also got some attraction but there’ll be much to know once we get our hands on to it.
iOS 11 redesign control centre

Control center is now redesigned and it got rid of free pages, i.e, no more swiping. It comes up technique about having functions as Tiles. 3D touch makes it more interesting. 3D-Touch on a Tile and it will expand into a full screen just like folders do in home screen. Also, you can 3D-Touch the toggles card, e.g it will show options for Cellular Data and personal Hotspot.

Settings also allow you to have better access over controls and detail info about these. The Toggle tiles is editable. Just go to settings -> Control Center to change or replace controls or to add toggles for Low Power Mode, Alarms, Notes and Much more.


2. Maps gets indoor mapping:

In iOS 11, Maps also get updated. This update include indoor mapping of 100 malls all over the world. Also, users will get guidance while making turns during navigation.

indoor mapping ios 11

3. Unified notification center

In iOS 10, notification center wasn’t satisfactory as it was expected but in iOS 11, notification Center is update and unified for both Lock and home Screen. This will help user to pull out the missed notifications by swiping down in the Lock screen.

notification center lock screen ios 11

4. Redesigned messages app drawer

iMessages App one of the main features that were introduced in the iOS 11 but it didn’t go as it was planned. This happened because Sometimes you need to use iMessages App all the way through app store instead of built-in iMessages App. But sometimes you got to use iMessages apps. It was a little confusing as some of users didn’t know how to use iMessages app.

imessage app drawer ios 11

This has now fixed in the iOS 11 update. In the messages app, you’ll see a new horizontally scrollable app below the text-input field and they will stay there always.

5. Do Not Disturb while driving

Another great feature of Do Not Disturb is going to be introduced in the iOS 11 that will save a lot lives while driving. When you enable this feature, this will automatically recognizes that you are driving and it will disable all the notification by showing a blank screen. If you want to disable that feature, 3D-touch the notification and select “I’m not driving” to disable this feature.

iOS 11 do not disturb while driving

Now, Apple has made some serious mechanics behind working of this feature i.e it will automatically find out whether you’re driving or not. This may be recognized by your car stereo’s Bluetooth or it’ll find out that you are in a moving car because of disturbance in the wi-fi frequencies.

As we know this feature works one Do Not Disturb mechanism, we can allow specific contracts to let through. This feature will automatically reply to messages that you are driving.

6. App store redesign:

In iOS 11, App Store got a completely new look since it was launched. With the new iOS, App store completely got a different look from what it was like before. Now, the design comes out with some visual similar to Apple Music having bold & big titles, with large images and introducing horizontal swiping for different sections.

ios 11maps indoor outdoor

Apple also going to release an App which will help user to find out for certain new apps and games each day. Every app on the App store is now featured with rich videos and stories. Apple will also highlight its App of the Day and Game of the day on the App store.

Apple has updated App store in a cool way by giving space to tabs. Each App and Games has now their own tabs. In-App purchases will now feature directly in that certain tab. The detailed info for app is modified also.

7. Live Photos

iOS 11 is coming with an interesting feature known as Live Photos: more expressive, creative, and just plain fun. This will allow you to put a frame from live photo, trim it, you can also mute the audio, make it a look or also you can add a bounce effect. This loop will make it repeat a live photo just like a GIF. However, the bounce effect will make effect reverse.

8. iMessages, Siri and photos data in iCloud

Apple has finally taken serious action and are confident enough to make you iMessage sync with iCloud, your personal Siri Intelligence and scanned metadata in Photos app. This step would take Apple devices to next level by providing what users want for most. Being an iOS user know the difficulty of handling a lot of data in a conserved storage. So, Apple has finally given users the opportunity to give their data a little more space i.e providing facility to save your additional data to iCloud. Of course Competitors like Google has already done much work on this but it’s a worth feature introducing in the iOS 11.

Siri will work same as it was on both mac and iOS. On a serious note, Apple has updated mac photos library so you don’t have to wait for 3 days to re-index your photo library again n again.

9. Person to person Apple Pay

Apple has introduced an Amazing feature named: Apple Pay that will allow person-to-person pay. This is an feature integrated with Messages app including as iMessages App. With this, you can directly send money to one you’re talking to. This payment method uses your integrated Credit Card and authenticate using Touch ID.

When you receive money, it directly goes to you Apple pay Cash Card. Its works just like you virtual wallet.  This Money can be used to purchase, send money or you can also transfer it to you bank account.

10. Bonus: ARKit and All The APIs

In the WWDC 2017, Apple used a contant theme which can be considered as one of the features that are coming along with iOS 11. Apple has introduced ARKit in the iOS 11. This kit will create a platform for developers to create augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad with the help of Camera, processor and motion sensors.

Not only this, Apple is going to introduce more API for the developers to use and test. Apple is going to give access of their Apple music to the third-party developers in the form of MusicKit for Apple Music. Vision API for their camera.

11. Siri intelligence and more SiriKit apps

Siri get a lot of enhancement in the iOS 11. It comes with better look and better sound in iOS 11. Siri assistant got new visual UI and a better voice update to look more natural, introducing male voice also. In beta version, Siri is updated with a translation support for Chinese, French, German, and Italian & Spanish.

Siri is now more active than before. Not only it’s looking what are you doing but will also suggest other related things to do. For Example, if you bought a ticket online, it will ask you to add in the calendar event for a reminder.

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This update also include update to SiriKit. Apple has given permission to developers to access Siri. Now, Task management and note taking are officially supported. With Siri, you can now add task to TodoList or make notes in Evernote without opening the apps.

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I need to know where the heck my phone contact list went after the down load was over all my contacts disappeared . I need them back . I work from my phone. Very upset

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