How to Force-quit iPad Apps on iOS 11

In some situations, we have to kill running iOS apps that are not responding or creating problem to run iPad smoothly. Force-quit iOS app on iPhone and iPod Touch hasn’t changed in iOS 11, and you can follow the same iOS 10 methods to force quit the app on iPhone or iPod Touch. Remember force quit any app isn’t necessary until its creating problem for you while running. iOS is Good enough to manage memory, whether when you kill an app and relaunch it, this will consume more power and in result reduces battery life.

Force quit apps in iOS 11 vs. iOS 10

In iOS, app switcher is used view recently accessed apps; you can also kill or force quit unresponsive apps. Simply double click the home button of iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to open app switcher in iOS. On iPad, you can also swipe-up from the bottom of the screen with four fingers to access app switcher where you can see all the running apps. While you are in the app switcher, iOS 10 users can simply swipe-up the app to force quit it, and in iOS 11 you can use the same method for iPhone or iPad, but for iPad, you have to follow bit different way.

Force quit iPad apps iOS 11

  • Get access to app switcher, just double click the home button or swipe-up from the bottom of the screen with four fingers.
  • Tap and hold on the app thumbnail preview until you see “x” on the thumbnail, this is just like removing an app from home screen.
  • To kill an app that creating trouble of you, just tap the “x” icon on the top-left of the app preview.

You might found app quitting way a little inconvenient, but I think Apple is just making sure you don’t kill an app accidentally. What do you feel about this, share your experience below in comments?


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