15 Microsoft Word Shortcuts Everyone Need to Know

We all are familiar with the use of Microsoft Word and its importance in maintaining all sort of documents. Becoming familiar with these easy Microsoft Office shortcuts would help you gain mastery in its application.

Technological advancements have no doubt offered lots of ease for maintaining documents, but it’s Microsoft Word that has always won the battle with its exquisitely right features. However getting familiar with all updated options with time is still left as an unfinished task and this is because most of the people keep on using it the same way as they have been using it in earlier versions for years. The 15 exceptionally easy Microsoft Word shortcuts would help you gain not only expertise in MS Word but also would make your work more efficient.

Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys

The given shortcut keys work for Microsoft Word 2013 and above;

1F10Enables the keyboard access to the ribbon and allows using all options through the keyboard. The option is disabled quickly using the “Esc” button.
2Shift + Alt + DInsert the current date on selected document.
3Shift + Alt + TInsert the current time on selected document
4Shift + F3Change the case of selected text from Upper to lower case and vice versa
5F5Opens the Find and Replace window
6Ctrl + Shift + F6Switches to another opened Microsoft Word Document
7Ctrl + Shift + >Increases the text size of the selected text by one point
8Ctrl + Shift + <Decreases the text size of the selected text by one point
9Alt + Shift + WUnderlines the selected text but not the spaces if any selected
10Ctrl + WCloses the selected or current document
11Ctrl + Alt + 1Changes the select text into Heading 1
12Ctrl + Alt + 2Changes the select text into Heading 2
13Ctrl + Alt + 3Changes the select text into Heading 3
14Shift + F12Saves the selected document same as done through “Ctrl + S.”
15Ctrl + KInserts a hyperlink for the selected text.

The diversity of this exceptional tool is completely understood to all of us and therefore an outright description of its functions is an unachievable task here. However, we tried to give you a brief but handy read that will boost your usage of Microsoft Word. We also hope to share information regarding other Microsoft Office programs by making it part of our blog and ensure to keep you updated on all related subjects frequently.

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