How to Get Rounded / Circle Icons on iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.1.2 no Jailbreak Required

We all want our phones to be personalized and customized. As iOS 11 cannot be jailbroken untethered at the moment thanks to FilzaJailed which allows customizing iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.1.2 to some extent and installing some jailbreak tweaks.

Apple with their new software always tries to kill possibilities of jailbreaking our iDevices and modify it according to our desire. Today we have come up with how to get Round/Circle icons on iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.1.2. with no need to jailbreak the iDevice. To start we will require some files, and links are provided in the steps so just follow the steps.customize-icons-without-jailbreak-ios-11-to-11.1

Note: We advise you to backup your valuable data before trying as would not be responsible for the loss of data or damage to the device during the process.


Change the Icons Shape on iPhone or iPad

  1. First of all, you will need to have the FilzaJailed app installed on your iDevice. FilzaJAiled is a file explorer app for iOS which is built with the Ian Beer’s async_wake exploit. Here is how to get FilzaJailed App on your iDevice.
  2. We will also need a free app from the app store “Documents” which can be downloaded here. We will use this app to extract files from a zip file.
  3. Now we will have to download the needed icons which will change the visual icons to round on the device. Icons pack can be downloaded directly from here. Use the iOS device to download the icon pack file and choose downloaded “Documents” app to open when prompted.
  4. After the download is completed, go to the documents app and tap on zip file document to decompress it. Then rename the folder to roundedicons by tapping on three dots.
  5. Again tap on three dots in the bottom right corner of the roundedicons folder in the Documents app. Tap Share option and then select Copy to FilzaJailed. This will request the FilzaJailed app and pass across the folder of icons.
  6. Go to that folder and select themes folder. This will show the list of available themes. Choose the required theme, select it and choose bundles and then choose the to get circular/Rounded icons choose “(M) Circle.theme”
  7. Now it will present a variety of icons with different naming. SpotlightAppIconMask@2x.png is a universal file to all the devices you have to choose that. But if you have iPhone X or any “plus” device you will also need to get AppIconMask@3x~iPhone.png for standard devices @2x file version is required.
  8. Choose the copy option in the bottom corner and tap back several times till you get to  “/” directory. Then follow System > Library > PrivateFrameworks > MobileIcons.framework.
  9. Now search for the “Spotlight.” Tap More > Open In and select Documents from search results. It will create a backup of original apple icons. Do the same for “app icon mask” and copy the one you are replacing into Documents.
  10. Now select the clipboard icon and then paste. It will prompt that you are about to put some files into a structure which already has files of the same name. Select Apply to all and then hit the Replace option.
  11. Head back to  “/” directory again and select var/containers/Shared/SystemGroup/ now look for one which is associated with .iconscache
  12. Go to Library/Caches/ and than tap edit choose the top circle to select all the files in that directory and then tap ‘Trash’ icon and delete it.
  13. That would be all if everything went right just restart your device so changes can take effect.
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