How to Check Your iPhone is Refurbished, New or Replacement

I am very excited to share a simple trick to check whether your iPhone is refurbished, new or replacement. How to check iPhone is refurbished? This guide is beneficial for those who are going to buy a new iPhone and also who frequently buy iPhone online or directly from a buyer face to face.

How to Check iPhone is Refurbished or not

How to check your iPhone is Refurbished or not

The iPhone you just bought a new iPhone must be a new device not refurbished because you paid for a new. To determine the status If the iPhone is new, refurbished, or replacement device you just need to know the model. First, find the iPhone model, and after that, we will see how to check iPhone is refurbished or new.

  1. Go to iPhone settings, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  2. Next, open “General” section and then tap “About” option. Where you can see the information about your iPhone.
  3. Here, find the “Model” entry this value will be something like MN572LL/A

The first letter of this model value will tell If your iPhone is refurbished, new, replacement or even personalized with Apple engraving service.


M – Brand new
F – Refurbished
N – Replacement
P – Personalized with engraving

iPhone Model number

Don’t get confused with iPhone model numbers. iPhone device model numbers usually look like this A1661 which is iPhone 7 Plus. If you see this type of modal number under about section tap on it and you will see the other modal number as MN572LL/A that is used to identify the iPhone status.

Lots of sellers in the market and online sells refurbished iPhone. They wouldn’t talk about its new, refurbished or replacement one. Apple refurbished iPhone comes with original packaging and with one year iPhone warranty as well. I saw few refurbish units Its printed on the box that “Apple Certified Refurbished.” Be careful with the “F” and “N” devices and pay accordingly. So, before buying an iPhone, you must check this and negotiate according to the device status. If you are getting a refurbished or replacement device at the price of brand new, then you should ignore It and get a good deal somewhere else.

I have checked with my own iPhone devices and found status M devices which show its new iPhone. Check your iPhone model and tell us below in comments If you found any code other than the mentioned above.


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