How to Check iPhone or iPad Battery Health/Capacity

Is your iPhone battery always running low? The actual capacity of iPhone’s battery decreases day by day, and different factors can wear the battery and decrease its health. Factors that can reduce the battery health or, charge holding capacity and also can affect the performance are the age of the battery, number of charged cycles, and cold or hot environment where you use the iPhone.

check iphone battery capacity

How a bad battery can affect iPhone

  • Battery drained very quickly and unexpectedly.
  • iPhone hardware components like CPU may not get proper power from the battery that may result in performance fluctuation.
  • Unexpected iPhone shutdown may result in valuable data loss or damaging something.

I have iPhone 7 Plus, and its total battery capacity is 2900mAh. Because I am using this iPhone for a couple of years and the battery capacity decreased a little bit from 2900mAh to 2700mAh. So, the battery wear level is approx 7% which almost shows the battery condition is still excellent. Do you want to find the battery capacity of your iPhone? Follow the given steps below to check iPhone battery health condition.

Check iPhone battery capacity

The capacity of the iPhone battery measured in mAh and every model of iPhone has different mAh capacity of the battery. The design specification battery capacity of each iPhone model given at the end


iOS didn’t show any information relates to iPhone battery capacity. But, Apple provides access to developers to find the actual size or the battery. There is an app that you can install to see the real mAh of the battery. Follow these steps to find the iPhone battery capacity.

  1. Download and install Battery Life app from the App Store. This app requires iOS 9 or later version installed on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  2. Run this app on your iPhone or iPad device.
  3. This will scan the battery information and show you the current wear level. As you can see in the screenshot below my iPhone’s battery wear level is only 7% means 7% just reduces device run time.
  4. To check the actual and remaining mAh of the battery, tap the menu icon top-left corner and then hit “RAW DATA” option.
  5. On the next screen, you will see, how much your battery is charged, the total capacity and the battery voltage. In the screenshot given below, see the Capacity which is 2700/2900 mAh (93%). Where 2700mAh is the current maximum capacity of the battery which is reduced from the total 2900mAh due to the battery age, temperature and charge cycle.

With the help of this app, you can quickly identify the problems with the battery.

Analyze battery usage information

You can quickly view the battery usage information used by each installed app on your iPhone or iPad. Just go to Settings and then tap Battery. To know more about it see this: Apps that Using Most of the Battery.

Should I replace the battery?

Apple batteries are good and usually, you don’t to replace it until you have used it for years and completed the charge cycles or temperature is the reason that may cause swollen the battery.

iOS 10.2.1 or later versions you might see this message in the Settings > Battery section “You iPhone battery may need to be serviced.” When iOS analyze the battery condition and found battery lifespan is almost ended, then you will see this message. In that case, you must replace the battery of your iPhone or iPad.


No message in the battery section and you think your device has some serious battery issues? Check the battery health with the method given above by installing the app; If it shows the condition is bad then you must replace it otherwise check the battery usage information as mentioned above.

Battery specs for iPhone and iPad

Following are the designed battery specs for the Apple iPhone and iPad model devices.

iPhone models battery capacity

  • iPhone X – 2,716mAh
  • iPhone 8 – 1,821mAh
  • iPhone 8 Plus – 2,675mAh
  • iPhone 7 – 1,960mAh
  • iPhone 7 Plus – 2,900mAh
  • iPhone SE – 1,624mAh
  • iPhone 6S – 1,715mAh
  • iPhone 6S Plus – 2,750mAh
  • iPhone 6 – 1,810mAh

iPad models battery capacity

  • iPad series
    • iPad (1st gen) – 6,613mAh
    • iPad 2 – 6,944 mAh
    • iPad (3rd gen) – 1,1560mAh
    • iPad (4th gen) – 1,1560mAh
    • iPad Air – 8,820mAh
    • iPad Air 2 – 7,340mAh
    • iPad (2017) – 8,827mAh
  • iPad mini series
    • iPad Mini (1st gen) – 4,440mAh
    • iPad Mini 2 – 6,471mAh
    • iPad Mini 3 – 6,471mAh
    • iPad Mini 4 – 5,124mAh
  • iPad Pro series
    • iPad Pro (1st gen 12.9-inch) – 10,307mAh
    • iPad Pro (1st gen 9.7-inch) – 7,306mAh
    • iPad Pro (2nd gen 12.9-inch) – 10,875mAh
    • iPad Pro (2nd gen 10.5-inch) – 8,134mAh

If your device is not here in the list above, please leave a comment below with the device name and we will add that too.

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