Check AirTag Battery Life

How to Check AirTag Battery Life

AirTag, comes with a  commonly use CR2032 coin cell battery which is not chargeable but replaceable easily. By the way, replacing the battery is not easy with other Apple’s products as compared to the AirTag :) In this guide, you will learn how to check the iPhone battery life. According to Apple, the replaceable CR2032 [...]

How to Check iPhone or iPad Battery Health and Capacity

Is your iPhone battery always running low? The actual capacity of iPhone’s battery decreases day by day, and different factors can wear the battery and decrease its health. Factors that can reduce the battery health or, charge holding capacity and also can affect the performance are the age of the battery, number of charged cycles, [...]

How to Check iPhone Battery Condition

Do you feel your iPhone battery drain quickly or you iPhone turned off when battery level was more than 10%? If you still confused about this situation when you don’t know its battery or other problem with your iPhone. To make it clear you can check iPhone battery condition whether its good of bad and [...]

How to Maximize Battery Life iOS 9 iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

You might be in a situation when you really need to save battery milliamps of iOS device. To increase the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch battery life and get most out of it. The best thing about Apple devices is that you will always keep receiving updates. So even you are using iPhone 5, you can [...]

How to Maximize Battery Life Windows 10

The biggest demand of today’s digital world is to keep every device as portable as possible. With these digital devices being portable comes the need of maximum battery life so you do not need to rush to find a power socket. If you are looking forward to install Microsoft new operating system Windows 10, you [...]

How to Increase iPhone Battery Life and Maximize It

In this guide, you will learn how to improve battery life or iPhone or iPad or another device that is running iOS. To increase iPhone battery life, you have to change your iPhone’s charging and usage habits a little bit and also some settings in iOS as well. Few common factors make your iPhone battery [...]

How to Save Battery Power on BlackBerry PlayBook

You can save battery power by adjusting some power saving settings on PlayBook tablet. Follow some simple and effective ways written below that help you to save and extend your BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet ‘s battery life. Set Applications behavior Tap “Settings” icon, tap “General” to change apps behavior that are running in the background Showcase: [...]

How to Check Macbook Battery Health

A new 13.3″ Macbook system can run approximately 10 hours on battery with single charge and up to 1000 recharges according to Apple, but as your system gets older or increase the charging cycles, its battery life also reduces. These rechargeable batteries of Mac have discrete number of cycles, which represents to their life time [...]