How to Save Battery Power on BlackBerry PlayBook

You can save battery power by adjusting some power saving settings on PlayBook tablet. Follow some simple and effective ways written below that help you to save and extend your BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet ‘s battery life.

Set Applications behavior

Tap “Settings” icon, tap “General” to change apps behavior that are running in the background

  • Showcase: apps running all the time
  • Default: app specific settings
  • Paused: app will be pause when minimized
PlayBook apps behaviour

Close all unnecessary applications

When you are not using an app and this is running in the background, close it or at-least use the Paused settings (see Application Behavior above).

Adjust Screen settings

You can save some more battery by reducing the screen brightness

Tap the settings icon on home screen and then tap “Screen” menu

  1. Adjust the screen brightness: reduce screen brightness to save some battery power
  2. Backlight Time-out: this option will turn off your display after specified time to save battery life
  3. Automatice Backlight Dimming:  If you turned On this option then PlayBook will automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the room light
  4. Standby Time-out: This will put PlayBook tablet to sleep mode
Playbook Screen settings

Turn off WiFi

Turn off the WiFi connection when you are not using it

PlayBook WiFi turn On Off

Turn off Bluetooth

Keep your bluetooth off until you want to pair it with other devices.

Playbook Bluetooth turn On Off


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Anderson May 15, 2011, 6:36 pm

Thanks for these battery tips for PlayBook.

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