How to Check iPhone Battery Condition

Do you feel your iPhone battery drain quickly or you iPhone turned off when battery level was more than 10%? If you still confused about this situation when you don’t know its battery or other problem with your iPhone. To make it clear you can check iPhone battery condition whether its good of bad and decide to replace a new battery for iPhone. Not only that you can also check other data related to iPhone battery like charging capacity, voltage, temperature and more.

iPhone Battery problem is very common and we already have written some battery related guides that will help you to Increase iPhone battery life and also show you which app draining the more iPhone battery.

Check iPhone Battery Condition

So, let’s see how we can check our iPhone battery health condition is good or bad. Its very simple you just need to install an app that will show your battery status.

  • Download and install Battery Life app on your iPhone.
  • After installing, just open this to see the condition of your iPhone battery. As you can see below in screenshot my iPhone battery is pretty good only 6.1% battery wear level means this percentage is damaged and can’t be charged anymore.
    iphone battery condition
  • To see more battery details, simply click on menu icon on top-left corner and then tap ‘Battery Details’ option. This will show you other battery related information like not only battery health but also current capacity, voltage, temperature, input power related information.
    iphone battery health

This app also shows you the time remaining for talk time, internet usage, video, audio according to the current battery capacity. Explore more feature like hardware testing can be found under the main menu. Hardware test feature is really useful when you want to find dead pixels on iPhone screen, test proximity sensor, camera, speaker, microphone, headphone, flashlight, volume buttons, vibration and more.


There is also a Pro version of this app available that is ads free and may have some pro feature as well. If you want to get rid of ads the go for battery life pro version.

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b February 16, 2017, 3:35 pm

iPhone 4 would not load app went to install, showed it was installing, then kept going to get iTunes app

TrickyWays February 18, 2017, 8:48 pm

Please make sure internet is working or the app is compatible with the iOS version you have installed in your iPhone 4.

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