How to Check AirTag Battery Life

AirTag, comes with a  commonly use CR2032 coin cell battery which is not chargeable but replaceable easily. By the way, replacing the battery is not easy with other Apple’s products as compared to the AirTag 🙂 In this guide, you will learn how to check the iPhone battery life.

Check AirTag Battery Life

According to Apple, the replaceable CR2032 AirTag battery can go a long as about one year but you can check the health of the AirTag battery, so you can change it before it’s totally gone.

  • You need to use the Find My app to check the battery level, Follow these steps to check the AirTag battery:
  • Open up the Find My app and then tap the Items tab.
  • Now, tap the AirTag’s name that you want to check for battery level.
  • Here, right under the AirTag’s name, you can see the battery icon which shows the remaining battery just like the iPhone battery.
    check airtag battery life

NOTE: You don’t need to be worried all the time about the battery, a new battery can last longer than 1 year and the iPhone will also notify and let you know when the battery needs to be replaced on AirTag.

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