How to Pin Contacts to Taskbar in Windows 10 and Quickly Call Someone on Skype

Now you have quick access to people you talk with more frequently. You can add contacts in the taskbar which is more convenient instead opening an app and then selecting people you want to talk to. Adding people to taskbar will help you to send messages or make calls quickly. Sharing files with pinned contacts is more convenient. You can just drag and drop the file directly on the pinned contact. To see how to pin contacts in the taskbar and how this option is making conversation quicker.

pin contacts to taskbar windows 10

How to pin contacts to taskbar Windows 10

  1. Right-click on the Taskbar and make sure “Show People button” is checked.
  2. Once you see the People button in the taskbar, then you are ready to pin the contacts.
    people icon taskbar windows 10
  3. Click the People icon in the taskbar, and you will see there are two options available on the top, People and Apps.
  4. Select People and then Select “Find and pin contacts” option at the bottom.
  5. Here choose contacts from the list that you want to pin.
  6. After doing that you will notice contact is pinned to the taskbar.

How pinned contacts are convenient

Quick access to your people: Call someone on Skype from the taskbar and Send Skype or Mail messages without opening apps. Just click the contact icon that you pinned to the Taskbar and send messages right there.

File sharing is quick: just drag and drop the files that you want to share right on the pinned contacts in the taskbar and that’s it.


Emojis animation: When someone from your pinned contacts sends you an emojis, this will appears and animate right on the top of contact icon.

How to hide people icon from taskbar

If you think contact icons are taking space in the Taskbar and you need some more room. Just right-click on the Taskbar and select “Show People button” to uncheck it. This will remove the people icon from the taskbar.

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