How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 boot time is incredibly special, Windows 10 boot time is almost 30% faster as compared to Windows 7 on the same machine but it also depends on your Windows setup. Many programs that we used also start along with the Windows startup, they can slow down the computer boot time.

Programs that start along with the Windows whey just don’t increase the boot time but also run continues at the background and decrease the performance of your machine. In this situation disabling startup programs is the best idea but disable startup programs is different in windows 10. Let me show you how to that.

Before disabling startup programs you might interest to Know your Windows boot time and also check startup and shutdown time logs, this will help you to know the difference before and after disabling the startup Windows applications.


Disable Windows 10 Startup Programs

  1. First, open Task Manager by right-clicking at the taskbar and select Task Manager, use the shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” simultaneously to open Task Manager.
  1. Now navigate to the ‘Startup’ tab and take a look at the new menu first. You will see the list of apps that will start up with windows and status either enabled or disabled. At the last Startup impact column will show you how much impact on performance. If you don’t recognize the simple right click on it and select ‘Search online’ for more details.
  1. To disable the startup program simply right-click on it and select enable or disable.

Now you know how to disable Windows Startup programs. Always keep an eye on newly installed programs If they are loading on Windows startup, just stop them running on Windows startup using the method given above. You don’t need to disable all the high impact applications, there might be some application that important for you to always run at Windows load time. If you still have any question please leave a comment below.

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