Fix Error: HP Software Framework is not installed in the System

Windows 10 error which is “HP Hotkey UWP Service – Error: HP Software Framework is not installed in the system…” appears when you try to use your FN key to increase or decrease sound or brightness.

HP Hotkey UWP Service - Error: HP Software Framework is not installed in the system

Many users report this error shows after updating Windows 10 and after some time automatically appears. For some users its only show at login screen whenever they start their computer but in my case its shows while I want to increase brightness using FN and brightness shortcut keys. The other entire FN keys combinations work fine expects this one.

Fix HP Hotkey UWP Service – Error…

The complete error message is “HP Hotkey UWP Service – Error: HP Software Framework is not installed in the system Please download and install from the link – Note: Restart system after installation”

The method to fix this issue is very simple and doesn’t have to worry about anything. Just follow the steps carefully and you will solve it in no time.


Method: 1

Uninstall HP Support Solution Framework

The primary solution for this issue is to Uninstall HP Support Solution Framework. Simply navigate to Apps & Feature and find the HP Support Solution Framework. Click on it and then click on the Uninstall button.

Apps & Feature

Method: 2

Troubleshoot your computer using HP Support Assistant

Hp Support assistant helps you to find the issue in your HP computers. This issue is related to HP machines which means HP support assistant is a wise choice to use to fix the issue. It will automatically scan your computer hardware and then fix all the issue and update drivers for you.

Download HP Support Assistant and install it on the computer Then click on the Troubleshoot and fixes to fix the issue and click on Updates to update your Windows drivers.

Troubleshoot your Computer using HP Support Assistant

Method: 3

Update your Windows

Windows update always brings new features changes and also bugs. But updating your Windows to the lasted version is recommended it also helps to solve many issues. Windows updates will download and install all the latest versions of drivers, utilities you need, etc.

To update your computers Windows press Win + I key and then click on Update & Security. Now click on Check for updates.

Check for updates

Method: 4

Clean install Windows

If none of the above works then Clean Install Windows 10 will helps lots of things. It will not only install Windows freshly also remove all the junk files, malware, corrupt files and registry item, etc. In these situations which are mentioned or we are trying to solve will be solved by installing Windows.

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Akhilesh kumar November 16, 2021, 10:37 pm

It’s very helpful for me.
Thank you!

Irfan choudhary July 5, 2022, 5:25 am

i need software frame work

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