Run Google Chrome OS from USB Drive

Chrome OS is amazingly fast, light-weight and HTML 5 supported OS. The original Chrome OS version requires some specific hardware to run. If you want to try Chrome OS on your computer PC or Mac for testing purpose then you can build Chromium OS from the given source which is not easy, but many developers [...]

How To Install Chrome OS in Mac OS X

Users who wish to run Google’s Chrome OS on their Mac OS X and do not know how to do this for them we are writing the following instruction set. So, follow the steps written below to run and experience the Google Chromium operating system on Mac OS X without disturbing existing OS X. How [...]

How to Run Chrome OS in Windows 7

After availability of Google Chrome OS / Chromium OS source code, one of gdgt engineer able to make virtual image of Chrome OS. Now you can run Chrome OS on Windows, Linux or Mac by using VMware or VirtualBox. To run Chrome OS in Windows 7 follow these steps after a jump. Update: This Chrome [...]