Run Google Chrome OS from USB Drive

Chrome OS is amazingly fast, light-weight and HTML 5 supported OS. The original Chrome OS version requires some specific hardware to run. If you want to try Chrome OS on your computer PC or Mac for testing purpose then you can build Chromium OS from the given source which is not easy, but many developers done this hard work to save you from this trouble. You can find per-builds of Chrome OS at hexxeh website. You can download Chrome/Chromium OS image to create bootable USB drive or even you can download for VMware, Virtual Box to run it as virtual machine on OS X or Windows.

Install Google Chrome OS on USB Drive


  • A USB drive at latest 4GB (Make sure you saved everything from your USB drive because this process will format the drive.)
  • Download Chromium OS image latest build (size will be around 250MB) – Download Link
  • Find¬†ImageUSB by PassMark on Google and download this software to write image on USB drive (You can use any other software that suits you)

Create Bootable Chrome OS USB Drive

Install UmageUSB software on your computer and also Extract downloaded Chrome OS image file using WinRAR or 7-zip.


Insert a USB drive, Launch ImageUSB software and select the USB drive.


Select the extracted Chrome OS image file from your computer by clicking on Browse button.


Click on Write to UFD button, a confirmation/Verification box will display click Yes and again select Yes from Final Warning box.


Now let the imageUSB finalize the Chrome OS USB, this may take sometime so be patient.


Once done, now you can reboot your computer and select boot from USB Drive. Boot order can be changed from BIOS settings or you can press specific key while rebooting to access the boot menu (To access boot menu on my PC I can press F10 key while rebooting to access boot menu, so find this keyboard key for your computer or just simply change the boot order from BIOS).

this unofficial Chromium OS build may not work properly on your machine due to hardware configuration difference. You may have WiFi problem so try to use direct cable. Doesn’t offer any support, doesn’t include Flash and Java and you have to update is manually for future updates.

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Ziaur Rahman March 9, 2015, 8:12 pm

Thanks A Lot.

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