How to Sync PDF/ePub to iPad with iTunes

If you want to transfer ebooks purchased from iTunes Store to your latest iPad then this guide below help you to do that. The ebooks available in iTunes Store are in the ePub format which is favorite for iDevice. So, let see the process which allows you to transfer DRM-free ebooks to iPad for reading [...]

How to Read .ePub ebooks in Firefox and Chrome Web Browsers

If you find some e-books online and those are in ePub format, and you wish to read those right inside your web browser, then you must know that its not possible to open ePub file in a web browser without having some specific extension for your web browser. So, the guide below will let you [...]

How to Transfer eBooks to iPad

To transfer books from computer to iPad you must have books in ePub file format and available on your PC or Mac. If you have some books in PDF file format and want to convert into ePub file then first see how to convert PDF to ePubs. Lets see how to transfer DRM-free ebooks to [...]

How to Convert PDF to ePub Format

The iBooks is the ebooks application introduced by Apple to manage and read ebooks library on iPad and iPhone. Books file format used in iBooks app is ePub. But if you have some ebooks already in PDF format and want to convert those to ePub to read in iBooks app. So, here is simple method [...]