How to Sync PDF/ePub to iPad Mini


If you want to transfer ebooks purchased through iTunes Store to your latest iPad Mini or iPad with Retina display then guide below may help you to do that. The ebooks available in iTunes Store are in ePub format which is favorite for iDevice. So, let see the process which enables you to transfer DRM-free ebooks to iPad Mini for reading in iBooks.

If you have to transfer PDF to iPad Mini then first you need to convert PDF to ePub format, which you may learn through integrated link.

Transfer PDF/ePub eBooks to iPad Mini


Open iTunes on Windows or Mac and click “File” menu > “Add to Library…” in iTunes



Browse your eBook file from your computer which you are going to sync to iPad and then click on “Open” button, that eBook will be added to the the Books category of iTunes Library


Connect your iPad with your computer via USB cable. Open iTunes and select your attached iPad Mini/iPad 4 under “Devices” tab



Click on “Books” tab in iTunes, then check mark the box followed by “Sync Books”. Select the option “Selected books” or “All books” according to your choice and then click Apply button


Now, open iBooks app on your iPad 4/iPad Mini to read the transfered Titles on your iPad.

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