How to Create Encrypted Zip Files on Mac

If you are a Mac user then guide below will let you know how you can create encrypted Zip file on Mac using Terminal commands and protect your sensitive data. So, it will minimize the damage to your data if someone get unauthorized access to your Mac. Create Encrypted Zip Files on Mac Find “Terminal” [...]

How To Enable/Disable Folder Contents Quick Look View On Mac

The purpose to enable this option is to view the contents of folders quickly without opening them. You can View multipages Microsoft Office documents and PDF files, watch videos, view pictures slideshow and more with Quick look option. On Mac OS X it is very easy to enable Quicklook. So, here we are writing the [...]

How to Rename a File or Folder in Mac OS X

Another guide for Mac newbies, this will helps you to Rename a file or folder in Mac OS X. You can apply the same method to rename any other file as well. Step 1 Navigate to the exact folder location to which you have to Rename Step 2 Select your desired folder Step 3 Click [...]