Use Apple ID to Reset Mac OS X Lion User Account Password

Apple ID is used to access Apple resources, iCloud, iChat and purchasing items from iTunes Store. Now, Apple also allows Mac OS X Lion users to reset account passwords in case they forgot it. So, continue after the break to know how you can reset Mac OS X Lion password with Apple ID. Note: To [...]

How to View/Change HomeGroup Password in Windows 7

If you have forgotten your HomeGroup password on Windows 7 then there is no need to worry as Windows 7 gives an option to view HomeGroup password. To get into the way to view or change HomeGroup password on Windows 7 continue reading after the break. View HomeGroup Password in Windows 7 Click on “Start” [...]

How to Set a Password on BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

You can set a password on your PlayBook tablet, so anyone try to unlock and use it then have to enter password first. Lets see how to set password on PlayBook Tablet. Set password on PlayBook tablet Tap “Settings” icon top-right on the status bar or swipe from top frame toward center of the screen [...]

How to Set Password on iPad 2

Its better to protect your iPad with a passcode and iOS provides passcode lock option to protect your iPad, either you can set up a numeric or alphanumeric passcode on your iPad. When you set password on iPad 2, nobody can use your iPad or access data without entering password, follow the given steps to [...]

Create Password Protected Disk Image on Mac

On Mac OS X, Disk Utility provides an option to create a password protected virtual disk image which could be used to place important data files on system or user can burn that image on CD/DVD. So, in following you can find the method to know that how you can protect your files on Mac [...]

Forgot Mac Password? See how to Reset Without Disk

If you have forgotten Mac OS X account password, then there is a tricky method which let you create a new administrator account on Mac OS X and through that admin account, you can reset password of the previous account. So, let’s see how to create an administrator account on Mac while you lost your [...]

How to Change Yahoo Mail Password

Changing Yahoo Password: Here is the way, through which you can easily change your existing Yahoo password. Read this if you forgot the Yahoo password or continue reading to how to change Yahoo mail password. Login to yahoo through Click on you account name it will populate a menu, then click on  “Edit My [...]

How to Recover Yahoo Mail Password

Recover Yahoo Password It’s a fact that everyone uses a common User ID and password for all their sign-up services. But what will happen, if you lost your password. Fortunately, you will be able to change your Yahoo password in case you forgot your current password. This will be of great help to people who [...]

How to Change Windows Live Hotmail Password

Sometimes we think about that, can someone get access to our account password. Yes it can be…! Intelligent / professional users must change their password periodically. It is a good practice to save your Windows Live Hotmail account from intruders. There are two basic scenarios where you would like to change your Hotmail password. 1st [...]

How to Recover Windows Live Hotmail Password

If you you have forgotten your Hotmail or Live email password, then goto and you need to click on the Forgot password link just below where you would normally sign in from. 1. Click over the link “Forgot your Password?”. 2- To recover your hotmail or live password give your email address and also [...]