Use Apple ID to Reset Mac OS X Lion User Account Password

Apple ID is used to access Apple resources, iCloud, iChat and purchasing items from iTunes Store. Now, Apple also allows Mac OS X Lion users to reset account passwords in case they forgot it. So, continue after the break to know how you can reset Mac OS X Lion password with Apple ID.

Note: To reset OS X Lion user account password using Apple ID, you must associate Apple ID to user account.

Warning: Mac system enabled with FileVault 2 does not include option to allow user to reset password using Apple ID.

Apple ID Used to Reset OS X Lion User Account Password

When you make three attempts to enter incorrect password to your account on Mac OS X Lion screen, then a message popup that says “If you forgot your password, you can reset it using your Apple ID”.



Click an arrow-in-a-circle icon to bring up the “Reset Password” dialog box, so proceed to Reset Password process by providing your Apple ID and password

Note: When you reset user account Mac password by following this process system creates a new keychain and also maintains the previous keychain, so if you recall your previous password sometimes in future that will also be working to login to OS X Lion.


Now, continue with the on screen instruction of creating new keychain, and during it you will also set a new password, on completion of process you will click on “Continue Log In” by using your new password created in.

Note: Some times after three attempts of entering wrong password to Mac, you do not find option of resetting password using your Apple ID, in that case just go through “Users & Groups” preferences on Mac, delete the affected Apple ID, and again eneter the same Apple ID back. Users may face this problem after upgrading from OS X v10.6 to OS X Lion.

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