Turn Your Face into Cartoon with iMediaFace iPhone / iPad App

Do you want to create avatar from your own picture? Then give a try to iMadeFace application which works for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and let you allow to turn your picture into a cartoony face, which you can use for social networks. Description Millions of unique faces are generated from the facial feature [...]

How to Transfer Photos from One Album to Another on Facebook

To organize the uploaded photos you need to move them from one to another album, several times, which you may do by following the guide below. Transfer Photos from One Album to Another on Facebook Step-1 Log in to your Facebook account Step-2 In left panel of screen click on “Photos” > “My Uploads” Step-3 [...]

How to Transfer Pictures from Motorola XOOM to Computer

Motorola XOOM have 5 megapixel camera to take pictures and record 720p HD videos, If you have taken some pictures / record videos using XOOM tablet and want to transfer Pictures, Videos or any other file from your Motorola XOOM tablet then follow the given guide to do that. Connect your Motorola XOOM with PC [...]

Transfer Pictures from Nexus S to Computer

If you want to transfer pictures from Nexus S to computer follow the given steps below. Step-1 Connect your Nexus S with computer using data cable that comes with the phone. Step-2 Pull down the Notification bar from top of the phone screen and select “USB Connected” Then tap the “Turn on USB Storage” button [...]

Automatically Upload Pictures to SkyDrive or Facebook from Windows Phone 7

You can setup your Windows Phone 7 to upload pictures to SkyDrive or Facebook automatically. You can use 25 GB of free space available on Windows Live SkyDrive to upload your Pictures. Lets see how to setup Windows Phone 7 to auto upload pictures. Automatically Upload All Pictures to SkyDrive or Facebook Step-1 On “Start” [...]

Share Pictures from Windows Phone 7 (Facebook, SkyDrive, Text, Email)

On your Windows Phone 7 mobile phone you can take and share pictures with friends via Text or Email Messages, upload on Facebook or SkyDrive. In following you can learn how to share pictures using Windows Phone 7 mobile phone. Share pictures from Windows Phone 7 Mobile Step 1 On “Start” screen of your Windows [...]

Transfer Pictures from Computer to iPhone

A guide to transfer picture form iPhone to computer is already available Here and today i received a comment that how can i transfer pictures form computer to iPhone 4. Follow the given steps below to transfer pictures form your computer to iPhone. Step-1 Connect your iPhone with computer and run iTunes. Step-2 Select your [...]

Transfer Pictures from iPhone 4 to PC

If you have some beautiful pictures in your Apple iPhone 4 and want to transfer these pictures to your computer / PC, here is a simple and easy way to do that. We already have a guide to transferring pictures from iPhone (3GS, 3G, 2G) to PC (Windows 7, Vista, and XP). Using the same [...]

How to Transfer Pictures from PC to iPad

If you are new to Apple iPad you may wondring how to transfer your pictures form PC to iPad. The process is really simple you just need to install iTunes on your computer. Lets see how to transfer pictures from computer to iPad using iTunes. Transfer Picture from PC to iPad Step-1 Connect your iPad [...]

How to Upload Photos to Facebook from iPhone

So you have iPhone and want to know how to upload photos from your iPhone to Facebook. Just follow the steps given below. Screenshots used in this guide are taken from Facebook app version 3.2.3 Note: make sure your iPhone is connected to internet or you can see the following guides: Share mac internet with [...]

How to Upload Photos to Facebook

Facebook is most popular social networking site there are different ways to upload photos on Facebook to create your album. In this step by step guide you will explore those different options Upload Photos to Facebook Step-1 Go to www.facebook.com and sign in with your Facebook ID and password. Step-2 Click on “Photos” icon from [...]