Turn Your Face into Cartoon with iMediaFace iPhone / iPad App

Do you want to create avatar from your own picture? Then give a try to iMadeFace application which works for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and let you allow to turn your picture into a cartoony face, which you can use for social networks.


Millions of unique faces are generated from the facial feature elements database. And you also can make the faces into greeting cards by adding foreground phrases and background themes.
Simply slide your fingers to select facial feature and change their colors. Or enjoy the random results by giving your devices a swing.


  • Numerous facial components are available
  • Special ornaments can be added to facial expression
  • Thoughtful designed UI and finger gestures
  • One press share to Facebook or Sina Weibo
  • One press save to Camera Roll in JPEG or editable format in the build-in gallery
  • Shake device to generate random faces

Just download and install iMadeFace on your iDevice to start creating an avatar for yourself by combining your creative skills with the options of reposition objects on the face available in app.

Head to App Store to download iMadeFace app for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad which is available free of cost.

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thatguy March 21, 2013, 2:57 am

it wouldve been better if they converted your portrain into a cartoon rather than you cycling through all those options. honestly that’s what i thought it did…

Morsi March 25, 2013, 10:32 am

Fun to create cartoon according to choice.

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