How to Root Motorola Droid on Android 2.0.1

Motorola Droid  from Verizon has successfully been rooted on Android 2.0.1. Which means  you can access the file system on Motorola Droid.

Having access to the root of an OS means you’ve unrestricted access to all the aspects of android system, just like an Administrator. With this extreme level of control over the phone’s files leads to unlocking its full potential. With root/superuser (su)  access to can install custom Roms, themes, and get access to other useful functions of the device which are concealed by the manufacturers like tethering the phone.

Jailbreaking iPhone
and Rooting a Linux based system like Android are two different processes.

So, you want to get access to the root of your Motorola Droid? just follow the steps written below:

How to Root Motorola Droid 2.0.1

androidNote: This guide should work on both Android 2.0 and 2.0.1 update.


Step 1

Update your Motorola Droid OS to Android 2.0.1 OTA (over the air) software update if it’s running Android 2.0.0. (Recommended)

Step 2

Download root software .zip file from here.

Step 3

Rename downloaded .zip file to

Step 4

Connect your Droid to computer via USB. On the Droid go to Notifications bar > USB Connected and press Mount. Once mounted, SD card will appear as a removable device on your computer.

Step 5

Now copy the file to SD Card of your Motorola Droid mobile phone.

Step 6

Now turn your Motorola Droid OFF. Hold down the X key on the physical keyboard and turn Droid back ON by press and holding the power button. keep pressing both buttons until you see a triangle with an ! sign.

Step 7

Now press and  hold vol+ and camera button until you get to a menu.

Step 8

Choose the option to update using the file with D-Pad on the physical keyboard.

Step 9

Once done, choose the option to Reboot your Droid.

that’s it. You have successfully rooted Motorola Droid on Android 2.0.1.

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A.D December 16, 2009, 12:05 am

Motorola Droid is really nice phone powered with Android

Joe April 22, 2010, 8:09 pm

The zip file isnt there. doesnt work on any site i find from ‘how to root your droid phone’ search.

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