How to Turn On/Off Updates Notifications in Windows 7

In Windows 7, Action Center is the place which keeps necessary messages about security updates and Windows maintenance updates and user must consider to run the OS properly by installing new available updates according to their preferences.

In Windows 7 Notification area /system tray you can observe Notification icon as following

When you click on Notification icon, it shows new available messages if there will be any, so you may proceed further by clicking on those messages to view or to install

Sometime, we do not want to receive any type of notification so, lets see how to turn off updates in windows 7 and ON/Off Notifications as well through Action Center.

How to turn off updates and other notifications in Windows 7

Step 1

Click on Start button type “Action Center” and press Enter

Step 2

Click on “Change Action Center Settings”

Here un-check the boxes for options for which you do not want to receive updates notifications and click OK to make the change affective and that’s all.

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elidoran July 1, 2012, 9:12 pm

This doesn’t explain how to prevent the notification when updates are turned off (done manually). The Solve PC Issues says “Change Windows Update Settings (Important)”. Which it is not important. I do the updates manually on a schedule.

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