Add Custom Tab and Group in Word 2010 Ribbon

Microsoft Office 2010 allows users to add personalize tabs and groups of commands to the Ribbon which is the part of Microsoft Office Fluent user interface. Through this option user can include some specific favorite group of commands under the default tabs of Office application or to a brand new tab for the menu.

So, here is the process to create a custom tab and custom group Word 2010.

Add Custom Tab and Custom Group in Word 2010

Step 1

Click the “File” tab and “Options”

Step 2

Click “Customize Ribbon” in the left panel and click on “New Tab” button under “Customize the Ribbon” section

It will include a new tab, now select that “New Tab (Custom)” and click “Rename” button to give a proper name

Type a name here and click “OK”

Step 3

Now, select “New Group (Custom)” and click “Rename” button

Here select a “Symbol” for that group and give a name in the text field followed by “Display name” and click “OK”

Your Custom Tab and Custom group is renamed. Now, we have to add our required commands to My Personal group.

Add Commands to Custom Group

Step 1

Select the Custom group from the right panel and from the “Choose commands from” section select the command and click “Add” button. In this way we have added some commends to “My Personal” group

Step 2

Now, to set the New Customize Tab’s location in menu, select “TW Tab (Customize)” and from the left arrow buttons set its location

Step 3

See the “TW Tab” is here with the group “My Personal”

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Elias December 1, 2012, 4:30 am

MS Word 2010: When I create a new Ribbon, Group and Command (a macro in this case), the icone (symbol) for the command ends up much larger than the display name for the command.

Is there a way to remove the symbol or to bitmap it so I can create a symbol that represent the action performed by the macro, instead of being limited to the preset list of symbols?

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