How to Root Dell Streak

Dell Streak leader in Android based tablets, with this root Dell Streak guide users will be able to install custom ROMS, App Hacks, etc. Lets see how to root the Dell Streak.

NOTE: This guide is for educational purpose, use this at your own risk.

How to Root Dell Streak


Go to “Settings” > “About Phone” and see the Build Number at the bottom.


Download one of the following Superboot files according to Build Number you are running on Dell Streak.


Unplug the device from computer, remove the battery and place the battery in again.


  • Press and hold the Camera button and turn the device ON.
  • Select the “fastboot” text on the top right, wait around 10 seconds and then plug the device into the computer using cable.
  • Now screen display should change to “FASTBOOT MODE” and now go to the next step, If it doesn’t changed then repeat the steps 3 – 4.


Extract superboot zip file to a folder that downloaded in step-2


Open the folder where you extract the files and run BAT file according to your OS.

Windows: Double click “install-superboot-windows.bat” file.
Open Terminal window to the folder containing the extracted files, and type chmod +x followed by ./
Open Terminal window to the Folder containing the extracted files, and type chmod +x followed by ./

You are Done! Thanks to Modaco.

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Annoyingstreak12 January 19, 2011, 5:47 am

I have the at&t version of the dell streak,sadly LOL but anyways,I CANNOT simply just root my phone. one, it never allows my usb fast boot to detect. thats one problem. two, my build number is 6601 and I always see these 2 numbers above (4399&3883) on every site. is there a site where they have a superboot for 6601 build number?


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