How to Set up Yahoo! Email Account on Windows Phone 7

If you want to set up your Yahoo! Mail account on your Windows Phone 7 mobile phone then follow the given instructions to do that.

Before proceeding further this is important to know that to make set up Yahoo email account on Windows Phone 7 mobile, your device must be connected to internet via Wi-Fi or with cellular data service of your carrier. See how to connect to WiFi Here, how to use PC / Mac internet on mobile Here / Here.


Set up Yahoo email on Windows Phone 7

Step 1

On Start screen of your Windows Phone 7 tap the “Arrow” button or Flick left


Step 2

Tap on “Settings” > “Email & accounts”


Step 3

Then tap “Add an account” > “Yahoo! Mail”

Step 4

Now, type “Yahoo Email address” and “Yahoo password”

Step 5

Tap “Sign in” and all is done.

Your Yahoo Mail will get synced to your Windows Phone 7 mobile.

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jervean123 February 7, 2011, 6:24 am

how to reset password in no question can reset password

wulan.zhary February 11, 2013, 2:49 am

please d cant rest pasword,,but yahoo forgot error

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