Hide Purchases from Mac App Store or iTunes Store

If you are going to make some new purchases on iTunes Store and just to avoid the mess of already purchased apps you want to hide them temporarily then follow the instructions written below to do so. This guide will work for iTunes Store on PC, and Mac and also for Mac App Store.

Note: First you must be signed in on iTunes Store/Mac App Store by using your Apple ID and password. For the security constraint, iTunes Store/Mac App Store asks for Apple ID and password several times, while you edit something related to your purchases, so you have to provide that during the process below, whenever that would be required to proceed next.

Hide iTunes Store Purchases on PC / Mac

  • Launch iTunes on your computer and click on iTunes Store option on the Top-center menu.
    If you are using an old version of iTunes then see the left panel click on “iTunes Store” under Store sectionitunes store
  • Click the user icon right behid the search bar and then select Purchased option from the menu.
    Old versoin or iTunes users can found this option In then right side panel, click on “Purchased” option.
    app store purchased
  • In the Purchased section you can view all of yours Movies, Music, TV Shows, Apps, Books, and Audobooks as well. So if want to hide apps only then you need to filter your purchases by App. So, click Apps on the right side of Purchased heading.
    Hover over the app to which you want to hide, a cross button will display at its corner, so just click on that and iTunes will ask for confirmation, click on “Hide” button and in result the app will disappear from the “Purchased” list
    hide purchases itunes
  • Now, if you want to unhide your iTunes Store Purchased apps then just follow the steps below.

Unhide iTunes Store Purchase

  • Open iTunes and then click the User icon and then select Account Info option.
    Older version of iTunes: In “iTunes” window click on arrow next to your login ID and from menu select the option “Account”.


  • In the Account Info, scroll down to Itunes in the Cloud section and click Manage link.
    Older iTunes: Click “View Hidden Purchases” button.

    Older iTunes Screenshot

  • Mac users click on “View Hidden Purchases” link under iTunes in the Cloud section
  • Now select the Apps filter to show Apps only. Click “Unhide” button associated to the application to which you want to add back to your purchased list and that’s it
    unhide app itunes store

Hide Mac App Store Purchases

  • Launch Mac App Store on your Mac
  • Click “Purchases” tab. Hover over the app to which you want to hide, a cross button will appear at its corner so just click on it and in result that app will get removed from the list
  • Now, if you want the hidden apps back in your Purchases list then just follow the steps below.

Unhide Purchases Mac App Store

  • Click “Featured” tab in Mac App Store. In right panel navigate to “Quick Links” > “Account”
  • Under iTunes in the Cloud section click on “View Hidden Purchases” option
  • Click “Unhide” button associated with your required app to which you want to add into your Purchases list back and that’s it
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