Use AlbumShare on iPhone to Create and Share Photo Albums

Album Share is an app for iPhone that allows user to create photo albums and send as a text message to others. By using Album Share you just have to add photos to an album from Camera Roll of iPhone, and send it as SMS to your contacts with an integrated web link, which the recipients use to view the album photos.


If the recipient of your album created by Album Share is an iPhone user then he can view, add and comment photos to your album users on other platforms have only viewing option for photos from album.


  • No Signup (no account required)
  • Upload Photos Fast (hundreds at a time)
  • Easy Sharing (via text message)
  • Collaboration (get everyone’s photos in one album)

Album Share is quite a simple in use application and especially its available free for download, whereas Android version of the app is coming soon.

Download Album Share for iPhone

album-share-00 album-share-01 album-share-02 album-share-03 album-share-04
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