How to Add a Contact to Android Home Screen

Do you want to add your most important contact’s shortcut to the home screen of your Android smartphone? Then you must check out the steps written below to know the process to do that without using any third-party app on Android.

Note: Guide below works perfect on Samsung Galaxy Nexus over Android 4.2.2, so steps below may vary for other versions.

Add a Contact to Android Home Screen


Open “People” app and navigate to your required contact, and then tap on that contact name, and then tap on “three dots” menu and tap the “Place on Home Screen” option from opened menu



Now, go to the Home screen of your Android and there you will find a contact is added. Now just tap on that contact a popup menu will open from where you can make a call to the contact and there will also be available some other options like messaging, email etc….

Note: If you do not want that contact anymore on Home screen of Android, then just tap and hold and drag it up to the “Remove” icon and thats it.

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