How to Disable Office 2013 Start Screen

When you open any of Office 2013 application like Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. it shows a start screen with several options like direct access to your recently opened documents, templates which you can chose to create a new document and so and so on. Although, the Office 2013 Start screen is a useful addition but if you feel it annoying then just follow steps below to disable it.


Disable Office 2013 Start Screen


Launch MS Word 2013, go to “File” menu, and select “Options” from the list



Under the “General” tab > “Start up options” section and uncheck the box followed by “Show the Start screen when this application starts” and click OK button at the bottom of screen


Done, now when you will launch Word 2013, you will find a blank document on screen, it means Startup Screen in MS Word 2013 is disabled. You can make this change to other applications of Office 2013 as well by following the same steps.

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